Green Party councillor’s concern over coastal erosion evident in Balbriggan

A Green Party councillor has expressed concern over coastal erosion in Balbriggan.

Cllr Karen Power said: ‘Earlier this year Fingal County Council established the Fingal Coastal Liaison Group – the only one of its kind in the country – to tackle the extensive coastal erosion in Portrane.

‘Following recent bad weather and Storm Aiden, the cliffs behind Bremore Castle have been further damaged and large chunks hang precariously over the beach below.

‘The Fingal Coastal Liaison Group have responsibility for developing a new coastal strategy and as part of this exercise areas which are in need of extra protection will be examined.’

Cllr Power is asking that the coastline in Balbriggan is examined as an area which could need potential extra protections.

She said: ‘Walking along Balbriggan beach it’s hard not to notice the very serious impact of coastal erosion, particularly along the cliffs behind Bremore Castle following Storm Aiden.

‘This is a particularly popular route for walkers and the cliffs above have large sections that look likely to break off soon. I have asked the council as an immediate measure to secure the particularly dangerous section and in the long-term to look to include Balbriggan in the coastal strategy.”

“We have seen the devastating effect in Portrane of ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away with family homes now uninhabitable and homes being isolated as access roads are falling into the sea. Action is needed now to safe guard our coastline in Balbriggan before the problem develops past the point of successful intervention.”

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