Cllr Power organises petition calling on the Minister for Justice to include Balbriggan in the Community Safety Partnerships initiative trial

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I am asking that Balbriggan be included in the new Community Safety Partnerships pilot announced in November. These partnerships will bring together residents, community representatives, business interests, councillors, local authorities and State services such as An Garda Síochána, Tusla and the HSE to devise and implement the Local Community Safety Plans.

The Plans will detail how best the community wants to prevent crime and will reflect community priorities and local safety issues. The goal is to make communities safer for families, residents and businesses and as such Balbriggan is a suitable town for the pilot to be trailed.

Anti-social behaviour and violent instances of crime have become prevalent in our town in recent years and this urgently needs to be addressed.

Our communities are rightfully concerned that if the situation progresses without intervention there will be fatalities. Our town is one of the fastest growing towns with one of the youngest demographics in the country and this summer, during a global pandemic, saw large groups launch increasingly violent attacks on each other.

As well as such violent instances the issue of crime in the town continues to be a problem.

Here are just some of the more recent issues that our community have had to deal with:

I want to stress that these instances do not reflect the majority of our fantastic community in the town. Balbriggan is a beautiful town with lovely people who are dedicated to improving life for all who live there. Unfortunately due to poor planning over the years, a lack of amenities, and an inadequate level of gardai, anti-social behaviour has become a significant problem for the town and for that reason I am urging the Minister for Justice to include the town in the Community Safer Partnerships pilot – there is very real evidence that the town qualifies under the selection factors based including population density, crime rates and deprivation.

I am also calling on my local representatives to lobby the Minister for Justice and advocate for this on behalf of the communities in Balbriggan.

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